Polyester Metallised Film

SPET: Plain Slitted Polyester Film
ZAT: Zinc Aluminium Metallised Polyester 
ZATH: Zinc Aluminium Metallised Polyester Heavy Edge 
AT: Aluminium Metallised Polyester

Polypropylene Metallised Film

SPP: Plain Slitted Polypropylene Film
ZAP: Zinc Aluminium Metallised Polypropylene 
ZAPH: Zinc Aluminium Metallised Polypropylene Heavy Edge
AP: Aluminium Metallised Polypropiline

Dielectric Metallised Films

The Aluminium Metallised Films produced by Dhruv Industries have higher transmission as compared to Zinc Metallised Films. They also have better sel healing properties and better storage life. The Zinc Metalliesed Films on the other hand have a capacitance that does not decrease. Metal spraying in them is also much easier than in aluminium Metallised Films are a step over and above Aluminium and Zinc Metallised Films.




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