Factory Size
(in sq.feet /sq. meter)
50,000 sq. ft.
Staff 120
Site Description & Advantages

The Dhruv manufacturing plant is located at Haryana, which is in close proximity to New Delhi, the capital city of India. The factory site is situated in an area, which is a major commercial centre today, well connected and easily accessible through road.

Machinery and Equipment Used The Dhruv factory is installed with state-of-the-art Leybolds Multimet 650 metalliser from Germany, Slitting Machines from Kampf, Germany, Testing Equipment from Naggy, Germany, and Vacuumn Packaging Machines also from Germany.
Material used for Production Process The imput materials used by Dhruv in its production processes are procured mainly from Toray and Honshu (Japan) and Hoechst (Germany).




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