Quality Control Staff 7
Quality Control Checks In-House
Facilities/Techniques used for Conducting Quality Control Dhruv ensures quality of input materials used in production processes through proper selection of its suppliers, which are mainly Toray of Japan and Hoechst of Germany. Quality of metallisation is checked and monitored while metallising as well as after metallisation is complete. The quality of slit metallised film is checked during slitting as well as after the rolls have come out. A proper recording and coding of each slit roll processed helps in proper tracability. A highly skilled and experienced technical workforce helps to achieve "Zero Defect" in each product. Dhruv possesses testing facilities for online coating thickness measuring in MD/TD, both, online fault measuring devices that detect any weak spot during metallising and online fault clearing devices for clearing any electrical fault before slitting.
Methods/Steps involved in Quality Control The methods and steps involved in quality control includes: Inspection of Film Rolls, In Process Inspection and Control of various Electrical and Physical Properties and the Final Inspection of the Finished Product.
Equipments and Material Sourced From Countries Dhruv's manufacturing equipments are sourced from Germany, and production materials are sourced from Germany, Japan and USA.




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